Saturday, February 7, 2009

Last night, 2/6/09, at the 5A Committee of the Whole meeting, my fellow commissioners weighed in on my Cardinal's Nest resolution. In this resolution I listed the violations of the law observed by ABRA investigators and the violations of the voluntary community agreement. My resolution supported the revocation of the Cardinal's Nest's liquor license. The Chair of 5A, Ms. Alston, and several other commissioners expressed concern that they had not heard from representatives of the Cardinal's Nest. Ms. Olsen, a manager at the establishment, Mrs. Green, the owner, two other employees, and several patrons spoke in defense of the Cardinal's Nest. About 25 people came in support of the Cardinal's Nest. They were given 15 minutes to speak. Craig Parker, legal counsel for Catholic University, and Dino Drudi, one of the signers of the voluntary agreement, spoke in support of the resolution. Each commissioner then spoke concerning the resolution. All but two spoke in direct opposition to the resolution. They cited concern about effectively closing a business in the ward. Commissioner Grant suggested that after I had conducted some mediation between the community and the management of the Cardinal's Nest, I might submit another resolution to the Commission. I withdrew my resolution in the face of such clear opposition from the majority of the Commission and intend to amend it and reintroduce it at the next 5A Committee of the Whole meeting, which will be March 2, 2009 at 6:30. The location is to be announced. I highly recommend that any interested parties be at that meeting. - John Feeley, Commissioner 5A06

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